Arizona fine Violins

Violin Rent To Own and Credits

Ok, so you just want to rent a violin (viola, cello or bass) for yourself or your son/daughter, so what is this 'rent to own credit' thing all about anyways??? Just as the title implies, we offer a plan so that while you are renting one of our "fine" instruments, you can compile a very nice bank of credits towards an eventual purchase.  On average, most school kids start playing at around 9 or 10 years old on what we call a "fractional size".  By fractional, we mean that while a fully 'grown up' size is 4/4, many kids start out at school with a 1/2 size instrument which will suit their height and arm reach.  As they grow out of that size, they will move up to the next incrementally larger instrument.

An example of how rental credits work and why we offer the best value:

A typical young student that starts off in 4th grade and rents a 1/2 size violin.  Each month they will pay $18 (see below) and out of that $18, they will automatically accrue 100% of their 'rental fee' ($12.03) towards a potential purchase.  As parents, you just never know who's going to want to play football the next year, or become the next Yo Yo Ma!  So by first renting, no matter what the size is, this is the best way to test the waters.  So after 12 months of renting this 1/2 size violin, the student then has a nice $144.36 (12 X's $12.03) credit towards any violin in our shop.  Even if your young son or daughter loves playing, they are not ready to buy in yet because, they're still too small for a full sized violin.  Next, we move up to the 3/4 size.  No big deal here, you keep your credit still (that $144.36) and we move up to another nice 3/4 size violin.  Still renting, still accumilating credits!  Like our own daughter did, this student now plays the 3/4 size violin, let's say, 14 more months:  So that brings the rental credits from $144.36 while you had the 1/2 size and now another 14 months (at $168.42) additional, you now have $312.78 and the best news of all...your wonderful son/daughter is tall enough for a "full sized" 4/4 instrument.

So, this student has now shown his/her parents that they are serious and that it is not just a fad.  Now, it makes perfect sense to buy an instrument that they will now not out grow (as they did the smaller fractional ones) and more good news, it is far cheaper to own than to rent.  So with a rental credit total of $312.78, you can now use that as cash when buying a new, full sized violin. (We choose "violin" as our instrument example here, but this applies exactly the same to all of the instruments here (violins, violas, cellos and basses.) 

More good news!  Even while we offer the most rental credits than anyone, here's where things really get good: We will sell you a very high level violin, case, and bow for a super affordable price.  We don't enflate prices or swith to junky violin kits because we have to discount your "credit"!  We find that in many shops around the country, this is a common ploy.  No, you earned this credit, it's as good as cash and we keep our low pricing the same no matter how much credit you have earned.

Month To Month Violin/Viola/Cello/Bass Rental Fee Chart (There is no required minimum to start your rental.)

Instrument Rental Fee Maintenance Fee Tax Total Monthly Rental Fee
Violin  12.03  5.00  .97 $20.00  $18.00
Viola  16.65  5.00  1.35 $25.00  $23.00
Fully Carved Cellos: 1/2, 3/4 and 4/4 sizes  24.98  13.00  2.02

$45.00   $40.00

Plywood Bass  27.76  20.00  2.24 $60.00    $50.00

Would you like to download and print our rental forms before you come in?  This will surely save you time when you come in.  Please fill out the form and then print TWO copies.  Please bring both copies with you for us to finish for you.